Why Hire TicketGal?

     TicketGal offers legal services in the areas of traffic tickets, DUIs and warrants. We understand that there are several options available to clients when choosing legal representation. That is why we make the commitment to treat each client and each case with the individual attention they deserve.


     At TicketGal your case will always be reviewed by a licensed attorney. Our attorneys will always strive to obtain the best possible legal outcome in each individual case.


     At TicketGal our clients matter. You are more than just another open file. We aim to provide the best legal representation. The things that are important to our clients are important to us. We believe that communication between the client and attorney is key to a successful attorney client relationship. You should always know what is going on with your case and we will keep you informed each step of the process.

TicketGal is a division of The Law Office of Lisa M. Szyc, Esq., P.C. of Las Vegas, Nevada. The information provided on this website is intended for informational purposes only and is not intended to provide legal advice.